Collision Avoidance

Despite the many advances in accident avoidance systems, car wrecks remain a constant problem affecting American commuters. Avoiding accidents in a typical vehicle can be challenging; imagine how much more so it can be in a semi-truck. Truck drivers are expected to undergo extensive training prior to being allowed to operate their rig, yet learning how to avoid collisions truly only happens on the open road under actual driving conditions.

Driving Should Be Taken Serious

Stay Focused on Driving

Ask a truck wreck lawyer, and he or she will tell you that truckers are not immune to the same challenges other motorists face. On today’s roads, the most common problem seems to be distractions. Truck drivers should do all they can to eliminate anything that diverts their attention. This includes thoroughly studying routes before departing to avoid having to make sudden course corrections while on the road.

Maintain Control of Distractions

It may go without saying, but cell phone usage behind the wheel should be avoided at all costs. Another potential distraction that truckers need to avoid is eating while driving. Not only does doing so require them to take at least one hand off the steering wheel, but it also often requires them to take their eyes off the road, which can greatly hinder their reaction times when a hazardous situation occurs.

Your Eyes are Your Radar

Reaction time is an often underrated element of collision avoidance. Large and heavy vehicles aren’t exactly known for their handling ability, nor for being able to stop on a dime. Thus, truck drivers or drivers carrying heavy loads should remain extra attentive and alert, using caution to assess their position on the road as well as that of other vehicles, remembering to check their side view mirrors often.

Off Highway Risks

Attentiveness is required to an added degree when leaving the highway to complete a route, refuel, or find a place to rest. In such a situation, drivers now have to account for cyclists and pedestrians along with motorists. Truckers should use extreme caution when approaching intersections and executing turns. Regular motorists need to be aware that large trucks need extra room to execute turns and should be alert when approaching an intersection where trucks are present.