A Sonic Journey Through Mythic Space





Dan Furst has been an author, astrologer and ceremonial artist and teacher in New York, Japan, Scotland, India, Indonesia, Hawaii, Peru, and Egypt. His seminal Universal Festival Calendar, published since 1998, his books Dance of the Moon (2009) and Surfing Aquarius (2011) and his blog Aquarian Airlines have made him one of the world's most respected experts on mythology, astrology, prophecy, time reckoning and sacred calendars, and our role as co-creators of communal, intentional evolution into compassionate spiritual consciousness.


Dan lived in Egypt from 2004 to 2009, to sing in the sacred sites of the Nile Valley and Sinai, and to test, as a singer and sound healer, the resonant properties of these spaces as acoustic chambers for vibrational medicine and soul attunement. He lives in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru, and is working on new books, among them Double Harmonies: the Sacred Music and Sound Science of Ancient Egypt.


As an Aquarian activist, Moon priest and festival clown, Dan has created medicine theatre at Earth festivals worldwide, and has played Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, the Green Man, the Holly King, Pan and other roles. He is also the first actor ever to play the beloved Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi.




Leslie Zehr has lived in Cairo since 1986. She is the author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer, and a professor at the International Metaphysical University, and the director of the Centre for Sacred Arts in Cairo, one of the first centres for health and well-being in Egypt, offering since 1995 a sacred space for education and spiritual growth. In 2001 Leslie’s shamanic work with plants led her to develop a line of Egyptian flower and sacred sites remedies called the Al-chemia Remedies.


Her main work is the Universal Dancer, through which she teaches Sacred Dance and esoteric wisdom, as well as empowering women by reconnecting them to the Divine Feminine within. She does this using what she has learned from her personal experiences, and the tools that she has develop-ed in Egypt. She teaches at the Centre in Cairo and in temples throughout Egypt allowing people to benefit firsthand from the powerful energies present in different sacred spaces.


She has published numerous articles on sacred dance, aromatherapy, spiritual astrology, The Mayan calendar, personal alchemy and the Al-chemia Remedies, and lectures regularly on these topics in Egypt and abroad. She has three websites and a blog, Contemplating the Universe.




Tour fees include all transfers, B&B accommodations, transportation and admission fees to all sites on the itinerary, all meals aboard the Nile cruise boat, and welcome and farewell dinners. All travel within Egypt will be by air and private minivan, all accommodations at 4- star hotels, except in remoter locations like Minya and Sohag, where 3-star hotels are the best available. Our 4-day Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan will be aboard a 5-star boat.


The tour fee does not include international airfares, meals other than the ones listed above, and Egypt entry visa (US $15, payable at immigration on arrival in Cairo).





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In February - March of 2015, Dan Furst and Leslie Zehr will guide a 15-day journey to the sacred sites of the Nile Valley, with a special emphasis on meditation and soul activation through sound in the great resonant chambers of Khemt, the "Black Land" that is the source of Al-chemy: that is, the Khemitian art or spiritual practice. Our purpose in doing Sacred Sounds Egypt 2015 is to bring together like-minded singers, healers and adventurers in a spirit of shared intention to explore and recreate the ancient frequencies of sound and movement, and celebrate the wisdom that made Egypt the most profound of all ancient civilizations. We feel that such journeys of exploration are exciting  in a time when the lost knowledge of the great spiritual root cultures is returning to our consciousness.



Our journey will take us to such ancient healing sites as the Temple of the Sun in Abu Ghroub and the mystery school site of Imhotep complex in Saqqara, Hathor's sacred music temple of in Dendera, the mysterious water therapy temple of the Osireion at Abydos, the temple of Isis at Philae, the sound chambers built by Akhnaton's nobles at Beni Hassan, and the magnificent temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings.



At the temples, and in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, we'll sing the actual words and melodies of the ancient Egyptian sacred music, perform ceremony in sound and movement, and pursue our aim to hold and anchor the Khemitian alchemical frequencies where they used to resound, and are still encoded in the walls. We'll walk in the footsteps of the masters who taught sound medicine to Pythagoras, and sing the Divine Name.



We'll visit Cairo's legendary Khan al Khalili bazaar, where it's always been said that you can find absolutely anything. We'll find out how delicious Middle Eastern food is. And if you've never been aboard a camel, you might want to do a few second-position stretches to get ready.